08:00 Registration

08:30 Presentation of the Symposium

08:45 INTRO MAGISTRALIS Historical Review: ACL surgery during the last 30 years - M. Berruto


Chairmen: D. Bonasia, S. Hinterwimmer


09:15 Anatomy and Biomechanics - R. Śmigielski

09:35 Refixation and Internal Bracing - What’s possible? - F. Perwanger

09:55 Hamstring tendons – Why are they so popular? - C. Bait

10:15 Patellar-Tendon - Still up to date? - F. Saccia

10:30 Quad Tendon – Are flat Transplants for everybody? - Ch. Hoser

10:55 Coffee break

SECOND SESSION: Posteromedial Corner

Chairmen: B. Ambrozic, R. El Attal

11:10 Anatomy and Biomechanics of the posteromedial Corner - R. Śmigielski

11:30 Ramp Lesions – the key to success? - H.C. Jeske

11:50 How  to find a postero-medial instability clinically -  J. Mehl

12:10 Posteromedial corner reconstruction – which technique? - D. Bonasia

12:30 Negative effect of Hamstring Harvesting and the positive role of posteromedial stabilization – M. Feucht


12:50 Workshop MEDACTA “M-ARS ACL: Medacta Anatomic Ribbon Surgery”  - R. Śmigielski,  M. Herbort    

13:10 Lunch

THIRD SESSION: Anterolateral Corner

Chairmen: M. Berruto, M. Feucht

13:50 Anatomy and BiomechanicsR. Śmigielski

14:10 ACL + ALL - the single  graft  over  the top – Marcacci technique - D. Bonasia

14:30 The modified  Lemaire procedure - M. Malavolta

14:50 Anterolateral stabilization: traditional techniques and long term results - Ph. Ahrens

15:10 ALL - the silver bullet B. Sonnery-Cottet

FOURTH SESSION: Specialities

Chairmen: J. Mehl, M. Malavolta

15:30 Intraoperative complications - how to deal with them - B. Ambrozic

15:50 ACL Revision Strategies - Tipps and Tricks - R. El Attal

16:10 Osteotomies: the key to success in revision ACL surgery - S. Hinterwimmer

16:30 How to come back – Sports after ACL Surgery - G. Zanon

16:50 Is the ligament future flat? Implications from anatomy to surgery - M. Herbort

17:10 Farewell Cocktail