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ITALIAN CME (Continuing Medical Education) credits

9 CME credits have been assigned to the event n.15166

It will be mandatory to attend at least 90% of the total program hours. The CME questionnaires must be completed and turned in at the Registration Desk, before leaving the Congress.

The Symposium participants will receive their CME credits by email. For non-Italian participants, credits earned with the Symposium can be recognized through their National CME contact point or Medical Chamber




EthicalMedTech is a platform, supported by MedTech Europe, dedicated to ethics and compliance projects in the MedTech industry.

The “1st INTERNATIONAL ORTHOPLUS SYMPOSIUM”  is found COMPLIANT with the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice.

To view the assessment decision please click HERE


 COVID-19 Green Certificate is required to access conferences and events.

We will provide a safe, productive, and welcoming environment and we kindly ask attendees, speakers, sponsors, and staff to respect our code of conduct, and all polices in effect for a safe event.

To ensure the safety of all the attendants, Sistema Congressi will be constantly updating on the strict safety measures of Italy’s latest COVID-19 regulations.

Anyone attending the congress in Bolzano should revisit the government/institutional sites (country of origin and Italy). Sistema Congressi will post the latest updates available, however it is individual responsibility to be informed on the necessary measures to travel safely.

The Italian Government periodically updates these restrictions based upon changing conditions, and all travelers should refer to current Italian health decrees when making travel plans.

Be updated about COVID-19 safety measures on the following official websites:

Italian Websites

Italian Ministry of Health

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

National Tourism Agency

Viaggiare sicuri

Rome Airports

European Websites

European Union Agency

The Guardian


USA Websites

Washington Post Article

U.S. Embassy and Consulates

Italian Policies - Protocolli e informative per evitare il contagio da COVID:

Protocollo Anti Contagio

Documento Valutazione Rischi (DVRE)

Piano di Emergenza

Misure prevenzione contagio Partecipanti

Misure prevenzione contagio Docenti

Misure prevenzione contagio Fornitori esterni

Misure prevenzione contagio Sponsor

Misure prevenzione contagio Visitatori