All reservations must be made by contacting the hotels directly. Please make your hotel reservation as soon as possible to take advantage of the special conference rates as they are subject to availability. A deposit or credit card guarantee is generally necessary to book your room.​

Please note:

  • Each hotel offers different booking deadlines and cancellation policies. Rates vary accordingly.

  • It is very important you read and understand the Policy and Terms of the hotel you contact, before booking.

  • Neither the Organizing Committee nor the Organizing Secretariat can be held responsible for any pending payment, damage or  inefficiency.

  • Online reservations made through or similar will not be included into group reservation and will most likely not have the same rate, because the online rates change daily.

hotel Fiera ESTERNO.jpg

Hotel Fiera
Hotel ***

Via Johann Kravogl, 3, 39100 Bolzano BZ

Walking distance from Conference Venue:
11 min

How to book:


B&B Hotel Bolzano
Hotel ***

Via Werner Von Siemens, 18 , 39100 Bolzano,BZ

Walking distance from Conference Venue:
15 min

How to book:

parkhotel werth ESTERNO.jpg

Parkhotel Werth
Hotel ****

Via Maso della Pieve, 19, 39100 Bolzano BZ

Walking distance from Conference Venue:
18 min

How to book: